Cool your heels! 91% of Americans live in homes with air conditioners, including central air systems. 

Most AC units work for years without problems. But you will eventually own a unit that creates AC noises. You may experience many noises coming from your AC, and you need to know what to do about them. 

What types of AC noises can you hear? What does each noise mean? What can you do to fix your unit, and when should you turn to the professionals? 

Answer these questions and you can have a fully functioning AC through all four seasons. Here are four common noises and their solutions.

1. Screeching

If you hear screeching coming from your outdoor unit, you may have a malfunctioning fan motor. The fan removes heat from your refrigerant, allowing your home to remain cool. If the motor is broken, the fan may grind against the other parts of your unit or start to wear down. 

You should inspect your outdoor unit and see what the issue is. If you notice debris in your motor or fan, you should remove it. But you should order air conditioning services to repair your motor for you.

2. Banging

Banging can come from your compressor, which distributes refrigerant to different parts of your Florida AC unit. Pieces of your compressor may become loose. 

You should open your unit and see if there are loose bolts. You can fix them with a screwdriver, as long as you turn your unit off and have someone spotting you. 

If you can’t find a problem with your compressor, you may have other common air conditioner problems like a drainage issue. A professional can do a full evaluation of your AC unit and figure out what the issue is.

3. Buzzing

Buzzing can come from many different places. Your fan blades may be loose or unbalanced, or your fan motor may be broken. The copper lines that connect your evaporator coil to your condenser may have snapped. 

Buzzing noises should always be handled by professionals. You risk breaking your motor or copper lines if you are not careful. 

4. Rattling

Rattling is one of the most common AC noises. It can come from loose sticks and dirt caught in your condenser, which you can remove with your hand or a pair of tweezers. 

However, rattling can come from broken electrical wires. You risk electrocuting or burning yourself if you try to fix these wires. Ask an AC technician with an electrical engineering background to fix your loud AC. 

The Most Common AC Noises

AC noises can mean many different things. Debris in your unit or fan can cause screeching or banging, so open your outdoor unit and see what is going on. Loose bolts can also cause loud noises, but you can fix them with a screwdriver. 

A broken motor or fan can also make screeching or buzzing sounds, and the problem can cause your AC to break. Rattling may come from broken wires, and you need professional help to fix them. 

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