From May to September, the average temperature in Longwood, FL, is around 86°F or higher. While the rest of the year is cooler, you might still need your air conditioner at times. 

Having a reliable air conditioner is vital regardless of where you live in Florida, but keeping it up and running might require some air conditioning repairs sometimes. 

But how do you know when you need repairs? The easiest way is to learn the signs.

Here are five signs to watch for that tell you when you need repairs.

1. AC Is Running More Often

You probably hear your AC system when it’s running, but it shouldn’t run constantly. When you start hearing it running more often than usual, it can indicate a problem.

AC systems run more often when dirty or parts wear out. So while your system might keep your house cool by running often, it will wear out faster if this happens. 

Additionally, you’ll see an increase in your utility bills from it running too much. However, you can prevent this problem through routine AC maintenance.

However, you’ll need AC repairs if you have this problem currently. In addition, your system might need routine cleaning services or parts replaced. 

2. Blowing Lukewarm Air

An air conditioner needs repairs when it’s not producing cold air. You can feel the air’s temperature if you put your hand by an air vent. Is the air cold or warm? 

AC systems blow warm or hot air when not enough coolant is present. However, they might also blow hot air for other reasons. In any case, this is a sign you need repairs. 

3. System Turns on and Off Repeatedly

Short cycling is a process that results in an AC system turning on and off over and over. For example, the system might run for 30 to 60 seconds and then shuts off. Then it turns on again after 30 to 60 seconds. 

AC short cycling occurs when the system is low on coolant, but this also happens for other reasons. You can contact a company for air conditioner repair services when this occurs.

4. Water By the System

An AC system has a drain that allows condensation to leave the system. However, you might discover a puddle of water by the system, which isn’t normal. A leaking air conditioner needs repairs by a professional company.

5. Hear Strange Sounds

Additionally, you should seek repairs if you hear strange noises coming from the system. When an AC system makes abnormal sounds, you need to know why.

This might happen from loose parts within the system. But it can also happen from a mechanical issue or air flow blockage. 

Get Air Conditioning Repairs

Ignoring these signs might cause your system to stop working, and living without AC is challenging when it’s hot outside.

So get air conditioning repairs when you notice these signs. An AC contractor can find the problems and fix them before they escalate.

Contact us for air conditioning problems and repairs. We can handle every problem, big or small in the Longwood, FL. area.